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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Sided Trunk with Drawers

We scored this at a flea market for $50... it was so unique I had to keep it. Half of it opens into a trunk, the other half is full of drawers for storage! 

 ALL of our furniture is black so I wanted to throw some color on it and play a little but my husband wasn't having that. So, I sanded it a little to scuff up to surface, primed, applied a coat of black oil based paint, sanded, added another coat of paint, then a coat of polyurethane since it's going to be our new coffee table. Normally I would repeat the sanding and painting process once again, but since I was doing it for myself and needed to get it out of the way, I only did it once.

Neet huh?!? I thought so too!


  1. I love that it is a chest on one side and drawers on the other!! LOVE!

  2. I know me too! I had never seen anything like it, I just couldn't sell it. It makes a great coffee table :)


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