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Monday, May 14, 2012

Office Makeover Challenge: "Before'' reveal

If you're a follower of Simply Salvaged on Facebook, you might of seen the post about the Olioboard I created for my office. I created an $8500.00 room and challenged myself to recreate that space for $300.00 or (hopefully) less.

Here's the BEFORE reveal
NOTE:  I'm sure you all have a ''catch all'' room- this was ours. So, I expect no judgements for our mess :)

Here's my design board

I need an office space with tons of storage and organization but also need a 2nd guest room to accommodate our wonderful family and friends when they visit. 

My progress:
I've obviously been doing tons of decluttering, purging, and cleaning
Bedding- $75 (I splurged on a white quilt that I fell in love with)
Antique full bed- $15
Vintage globe- $8
1 gallon of Vintage Grey paint- $16 (The gallon of paint actually cost $32 but we used half of it in our master bedroom)
Baskets (from my home)
Dresser/ Buffet (from my home but will need a makeover- I think I know someone who can do that ;)
I've spent $114.00

I have $186.00 left in my budget and need:
Dining room table to be used as my desk
Office chair
A pair of lamps & burlap shades
Various decorative items

Wish me luck & thanks for reading!


  1. I am doing the same thing, love your design board, plz keep posting pics... thanks :)

  2. I love vintage globes, too! My kids' rooms are full of them! The table you scored will be perfect - can't wait to see the final result!! ~Lori


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