Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Eclectic Apartment Bedroom

My bedroom is still a work in progress but I finally got the bedding that I've been eyeballing and I couldn't wait to show you! I think it was the perfect addition to tie the room together...

Bedding- ''Suri'' by Mudhut (, Paisley Lamp Shades-
The design story of my bedroom started with sage green velvet curtains. You heard that right- sage green AND velvet. Typically, I wouldn't design a room around the curtains but they were clearanced to $8.00/ panel at World Market and I couldn't pass them up. Initially, I thought they were pretty ugly but I challenged myself to make them work. 

The next element I added were the lamps- found at a flea market for $10 for the pair. I cleaned them, spray painted them, glazed them, and added shades with a sage green paisley print that I found on sale at World Market. 

A few weeks after finding the lamps, at the same flea market, I found a Jenny Lind style crib (missing a few of it's pieces) for $5.00 that I took apart, cleaned, and made my new headboard. I was giddy to say the least... a king sized headboard for $5??.. go me! 

Almost everything else in the room are things that we've always had... except for the pillar candles that I found clearanced for $.50/each...
(can y'all tell I love buying stuff on the cheap?)

Acrylic Painting by my Grandmother

Then, finally, after weeks of searching I found my bedding.
The perfect addition to tie my room together. To make those ugly velvet curtains make since. To tie together the black and browns.

"Suri" they call her.
Perfect I call her.

There are still a few things I'd like to add/change.
I would like to add a white or sage green bed skirt, an area rug, and two small chest of drawers to flank each side of the bed. I do love both of the existing nightstands but I just don't feel like they are working for this room. I considered repainting them but decided I'd be happier with something different. So for now, I will deal with the aqua- even though I feel like it makes the room seem adolescent- until I can find something a little more ''grown''.

These are a few pieces I've pinned for inspiration:


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