Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Before and After {Vintage Crate}

I pulled this crate out of a barn a few months ago and it's been waiting patiently for a new home every since.
No one wanted the poor thing- I thought surely they would.

Then, I saw Becky's painted box over a Beyond The Picket Fence
and immediately fell in box love.
Here's hers:
 Too cute, right?

Here's mine:

 With just a little inspiration and some Simply Salvaged lovin, my crate will be making it's way to it's new home by the end of this week :)

DIY Chalkboard Frame {Before and After)

Remember the junk treasure picture I showed you last week?

Well, I shared the giant fork & spoon after in a post you can view HERE.
but I also wanted to share the after of the frames since they were popular among the ladies who commented :)

You can't tell it in the picture but the Blue Boy print was in really bad shape.
I'm pretty sure it had mold growing on the back of it, and it was ripped around the edges from being stapled into the frame.
So, I pulled out the staples and tossed it.
Actually, I didn't toss it. That was a lie.
I hung him in the garage to watch over me while I work. 
I'm guilty of not throwing away much of anything.
No. I'm not a hoarder.
I know that's what you're thinking.

Anyways, the frame was in great condition, though.
Here's the after:

The metallic chalk board has teal peaking through in the distressing, if you look hard you can see a little of it in the picture...

 They were both great additions to Simply Salvaged Home Accessories and they'll both be going to their new homes soon! 
Things like this deserve better than sitting in a thrift store.
...and that is what I'm for :)

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Giant Spoon {Giant Fork} {Wall Decor}

You may recognize these from a junk picture that I shared earlier this week.

I really love these.
They have neat tiki carvings on the handles.

 Here's the before:

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Treasures

Some nice solid frames, kitchen wall accessories, a vintage globe, matching lamps (that work!), a ceramic owl, and a few mason jars for the Swallows/Craft wedding.

I <3 junk

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Union Jack Dresser

I finished up my Union Jack dresser today!!
It went much smoother & faster than I anticipated.

After I finished, I kept catching myself going back to it over & over just to look at it. Haha!
So, here's ol Jack:

 He's not perfect but, then again, who is? Right?

Here are a few of my progress pictures:

I'm thinking of writing a step by step tutorial.
Thanks to Miss Mustard Seed for the inspiration!
& as always, thanks for reading!!

Hoo Has 2 Thumbs & Loves Thrift Stores?

...this girl, that's hoo!

These are 2 different owls found at 2 different thrift stores.
The white one I gifted to my sister in law for Christmas. She has an affliction with owls so when I found it, I grabbed it up for her. I wish I had a before picture but I don't. 
It was hand painted- The body was brown, the eyes were yellow... it was ugly.
So, I primed it, and sprayed it with 3 coats of white semi-gloss. Then, 2 coats of a protective top coat.

I found the next one last week at a local thrift store..
of course, grabbed it up. 
I don't find many owls but when I do, I get them!
I didn't get a before of this one either but it was white- like my 1st one. Except dirty. Really, really dirty.
I brought him home, cleaned him off, and primed him up, & sprayed him all over with silver metallic spray.
Then, mixed up a stain/glaze combo, brushed it on, wiped him down, and sprayed him with a protective top coat.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Progress: Union Jack.

It's been a great day! I woke up to beautiful weather, turned on Shinedown's new album (thanks to my wonderful husband) and started painting. 
I painted ALL DAY. 
I finally had to stop to eat.
Remind me to never ever go to Taco Bell with a growling stomach ever again. 

I've been wanting to do a Union Jack piece for quite a while and after some encouragement from a few fellow furniture painters I decided to go for it.

Here are a few progress pics:
The before:

It's not perfect but I love it!!
So far, it's been much easier than I anticipated but we'll see how tomorrow goes :-P

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm BAACK! (In your best Steven Tyler voice)

After about a month of some much needed down time, I'm out of my rut and itching to get back to work.
Unfortunately, I haven't been present with Simply Salvaged over the last month(ish) and if I don't knock, no one knocks back.
That's just how this industry rolls.
My fault.

Today I made a small attempt to find more inventory for Simply Salvaged but was apparently looking in all of the wrong places.
It was a big fat FAIL.
I hate those kind of days.

What I did love about today is I got to pick up the hubs from the air port this morning and bring him home with me- at least for the time being.

I've been working on a table that our dear friend Griffin has been waiting patiently for.
Here's a sneak peek:

Who said men don't like painted furniture :-)

I also started prepping my childhood dresser for paint.
I can't decide if I'm going to keep it or sell it.
We currently have 3 dressers and a chifferobe in a 3 bedroom house... 
with no kids.
So, we really don't need it. However, I'm a very sentimental person.
I thought about putting wheels on it and using it in the garage LOL
but then, what would be the point in painting it?

Have you ever parted with a piece of furniture that was special to you for the sake of space??