Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoo Has 2 Thumbs & Loves Thrift Stores?

...this girl, that's hoo!

These are 2 different owls found at 2 different thrift stores.
The white one I gifted to my sister in law for Christmas. She has an affliction with owls so when I found it, I grabbed it up for her. I wish I had a before picture but I don't. 
It was hand painted- The body was brown, the eyes were yellow... it was ugly.
So, I primed it, and sprayed it with 3 coats of white semi-gloss. Then, 2 coats of a protective top coat.

I found the next one last week at a local thrift store..
of course, grabbed it up. 
I don't find many owls but when I do, I get them!
I didn't get a before of this one either but it was white- like my 1st one. Except dirty. Really, really dirty.
I brought him home, cleaned him off, and primed him up, & sprayed him all over with silver metallic spray.
Then, mixed up a stain/glaze combo, brushed it on, wiped him down, and sprayed him with a protective top coat.


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