Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bathroom Update Turned Renovation

We started our ''quick bathroom makeover'' with the intention of cleaning up the grout and caulk, painting the cabinets, painting the walls. I was really excited about an idea from Pinterest to paint the floor tile as a temporary fix...

The walls in the bathroom were very heavily textured. Then, we take down the cabinet from above the toilet and find wall paper behind it. After a little scrape here and a little scrape there, we'd peeled the top layer of drywall off. At that point, we came to the conclusion that our only option was to rip out the existing wall and put a new one up... and that's just what we did...

There were hundreds of other options for us to cover the mess on our walls and move forward. Most of those options, though, required moving the existing toilet and/or sink, then reinstalling. We just were not willing to put that much effort into keeping the crap...I'm talking crappy crappy crap crap that was in that bathroom. 

What you can't see from the pictures is the inside of the cabinets were all rotted and water damaged pressed board. They were crumbly and smelly and icky! So we ripped it all out. All of it. Except for the tub.

 ...and roughly 5 months later we finally finished!


My most favorite part of our new bathroom is the vanity- we got the cabinet, sink, and faucet at Ikea. I picked it because:
1. Look at it 
2. I felt that the porcelain really gave the room a timeless look 
3. Ample storage
4. That faucet. Quirky and classic.

Instead of installing shelving over the toilet, I used a painting by my beautiful and talented grandmother. It matched the tile perfectly and gives the room a nice little pop.

A few months after we finished the bathroom, we also replace the bathroom door and door knob. It's literally a brand spankin' new space and we love it.

I hope you love it too!


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