Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Before and After {Antique Bed} {Rope Bed}

This was a custom order for Jennifer and one of my favorite black projects to date. As you've probably heard me say before- I always have the hardest time with black. The lap marks, the brush strokes, even taking pictures. 
It drives. me. cray cray.

So, on this project I tried some different techniques and even a different product or two. I think it turned out beautifully.

Does that look smooth or what?
It IS smooth- and I'm proud :)

Here's the before

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Just saw you link at Primitive & Proper - this bed head looks fantastic!

  2. gorgeous! it looks so stately- i love those details on the headboard!

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  4. I LOVE it! Love the dark tone. Its so flexible and compliment so many other accent colors. What was your "new technique". I have the same problem with strokes. You did a fantastic job! Love it!!!

  5. Stunning!! Found you over at Gail's MRL.