Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Antique Folding Chairs {Before and After}

My husband pointed these out to me while we were out junking one weekend and I totally passed them up. In fact, I think I shrugged my shoulders, gave him a ''meh'', and walked away. He, on the other hand decided he wanted them- to keep. Isn't that silly.

I, of course, posted them available to be customized and they sold pretty much immediately (sorry babe!). Apparently my husband wasn't the only one who saw something in them. I didn't think they were horrible or anything- I actually think they are darling. I just thought they would be much more difficult to paint by hand. I was wrong, they weren't that bad.

They now live on my clients front porch =)

Using unconventional items as planters is a great way to add character to your home and garden! I scored that super awesome water pitcher looking thing on another junkin' trip for $10!!!

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Vintage Buffet Before and After

I've been trying to decide on the perfect wall in my house to paint with this color- I fell in love with it! It's like the perfect combination of blue & green but not quite turquoise. I love it!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Primitive Possum Belly Cabinet {Before and After)

I had no clue what I was looking at when I received pictures of this piece in my email for a quote to have it painted. I'm pretty sure I just quoted her and crossed my fingers. Even when she dropped it off in about 10 pieces (because that's pretty much the only way to fit this beast into a vehicle), I still had no clue what I was looking at. My client, Jane, pretty much had to explain how to put this one together even down to which knobs went on which drawers. I was totally confused. Then, I was really excited! Then, this piece and I fought. We have had a love hate relationship...
After a lot of sanding, banging, and fighting with a drawer to fit into it's hole.. seriously, how did that drawer just suddenly NOT FIT?? It wasn't the paint, the drawer just magically expanded and became too fat to go into the hole I pulled it out of...
After repairing a drawer front that Miss Betsy here literally just spit at me- seriously, it just popped off onto the floor. I'm like, really?!?!...

After fighting with the hardware and my tools that weren't sufficient because things just conveniently disappear around my house (totally not Miss Betsy's fault). It for realzz took almost 4 hours to get all of the hardware back onto this piece... I was very obviously in distress as 4 of my neighbors offered to step in.

I was finally able to see this piece coming together, that's when Miss Betsy and I started loving each other.
I was getting worried, I thought she may never come around.

I originally wasn't going to do much distressing on this piece but that shiny fresh coat of paint just didn't look right with the rough wood. 
So, distressing she got.

 The cabinet door reads "Tennessee Biscuit Company''
My client tells me this piece was built in 1909.

I think it was worth the fight- and Jane loves it!


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vanity Table Before and After

This is one of the pieces I brought home from our trip to Nashville last month. It was it great condition as is, but you know me, I'll paint anything =) ...Especially if it'll make my client happy.

My client, Cathy, and her son in law, went in together on this piece for her daughter's birthday after she'd made the comment that she'd always wanted a vanity. They decided to go all out and have it painted in her favorite color =)

That's a statement piece if I've ever seen one!

See what just a little paint can do for a piece of furniture!
I hope you're all having a fabulous week!
Happy junking, painting, & DIYing!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fish Foam {Windows Cleaning}

I was given a bottle of Fish Foam in my swag bag at the Haven Conference this year. Since they were kind enough to send a representative of their company to deal with hundreds of us women, I decided I would give them a little of my time in return.

What is Fish Foam you ask?
It's an ammonia free foam cleaner- They promise a no drip, streak free, haze free finish for your windows, mirrors, and glass of all sorts.

Recently I painted the interior and exterior of a front door and sidelights for a loyal client and photographer. It was a perfect opportunity to put my Fish Foam to the test.

I sprayed it on, walked away to grab my camera, and when I came back, it was still in place just as they'd promised- no dripping onto my nice new paint and glaze =)

I was extremely satisfied with the results- it was a very clean, streak free finish as they promised and it even removed the paint I'd gotten on the windows with no added pressure or scraping. Love <3

Visit: fishfoam.com to get yours!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bohemian Style Dresser

I love when I start a project with no real plan and it all comes together naturally.

I found the hardware on this piece on sale at Anthropologie- it made me a very happy girl!! Literally- I got hardware happy and bought 20 drawer pulls. Seize the moment, right?
When I spotted this dresser last weekend, I knew it was perfect for my new pulls =)
I struggled with paint color for a while- then decided to go with my default favorite color.

Here's the before

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