Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cover Your Popcorn with a DIY Coffered Style Ceiling

If you've been following me on Facebook, you probably already know that my husband and I have been working in our kitchen on and off since we bought our home over two years ago. The day after Christmas, we finally started demoing the old tile! I waited sooo long for that day!! Now that I have pretty new floors, I can finally show you my kitchen/ dining area and I hope you love it as much as I do...
The tile absolutely made the biggest impact in this area, but I think one of my favorite things about my kitchen is the coffered style ceiling. I won't lie- it was not the easiest task. Although, it was cost effective and with minimal mess.

If you're looking for a solution to your popcorn ceilings, this is definitely something to consider...
No scraping!
Minimal mudding/sanding
Minimal mess!!
Cost effectiveness (less than $300 for this entire space!)
 The popcorn in our home comes off fairly easy, however, it always makes a huge mess and layers everything with dust. We decided to skip the scraping and put the sheet rock directly over the popcorn. We made sure to find and mark our joists before putting up the sheet rock. It will also help if you take a few minutes to make yourself and dead man. Like this...

In an effort to eliminate even more mess and time, we also decided that instead of mudding and sanding the sheet rock joints, we'd just cover them up!
We took a lot of measurements before starting. It worked out pretty great because we only had to adjust the width of one piece of sheet rock for our squares to be the same size. Once the sheet rock was all up, we covered the joints with one-by's using a brad nailer and construction adhesive.
Warning: lots of detail work to follow!!
 Have I ever told you that I HATE detail work? By that point in a project I am usually OVER IT. I can see my hard work coming to fruition and I just want to call it quits and start decorating!... nevertheless...
After we got the one-by's put up, we filled and sanded all of the screw holes (sheet rock), all of the nail holes (trim), caulked everything up, and painted.
...and since I am the ''before and after'' queen, this picture was taken before we closed on our house (don't mind my FIL, ha!)

We still have a few projects to do and as you can see, I need to fill the space a bit more and put up some curtains. Although, I did find a home for my wreath that I picked up on my trip to Magnolia Market last weekend
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  1. What did you paint your sheetrock with? I'm thinking of doing the same thing but read somewhere that if you're not going to mud sheetrock, you need to paint it with some kind of sealer. Thanks for the post and the pretty kitchen pics!

  2. Hi there!! We primed it with primer specifically made for ceilings (from Sherwin Williams) and painted with SW's ceiling paint. No need to seal it necessarily but it will definitely need to be primed, otherwise the naked drywall will just soak up all of your paint :)

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