Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rust-Oleum Textured Metallic & a Turquoise Dresser

After the Haven Conference, I came home with so many new products to try and great ideas. I literally could not wait to get to work and get all of that out of my brain- it keeps a sister up at night. So excited, that I finished 4 pieces in two days. Haha! Most of the time I don't do 4 pieces in a week. 
I average about 3 pieces per week, actually.

I found this piece while I was on my way to a thrift store in Atlanta, GA. after the Haven Conference. I was following my friends who'd flown in from Texas- they spotted it too. We whipped around and I was the lucky dog who drove my trusty Chevy from Alabama =) 
He (my truck) always has my back when I find awesome furniture... wherever. Texas, Atlanta, Florida, tha dump...

Yall understand =)

I forgot to take a before picture =(
(sorry about my crooked picture)

One of those products that I came home really excited about was RustOleum's textured metallic spray. I love RustOleum sprays- I love glitter- put the two together and I'm a very happy girl. So, 1st thing after getting home from Atlanta, I had a date with Home Depot's paint department.

I love it! Not only because it has glitter in it, but it went on smooth- with just 2 coats- and it's durable. I've never had chipping issues on hardware sprayed with RustOleum.

I would love to keep this piece for myself but it will actually be going back to Georgia to it's new home, haha!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Love it! Love the color. Love the knobs. Love the legs. Just out of curiosity......was this at a yard sale and do you mind saying what you paid? Thanks!

    1. Hey Tracie! I did find it at a yard sale for a steal but I prefer to keep the exact price I paid private since I do resale my pieces. Thanks so much!

  2. Great shade of Turquoise!

    Visiting from Sisters of the Wild West

  3. This is so beautiful I almost can't stand it...wonderful job!

    Linked from Sisters of the Wild West

  4. Audra, what a beautiful job you did, and the turquoise I think was the perfect choice of color for this piece, it looks so elegant. Congratulations.

  5. this is gorgeous! do you mind me asking what color this is?