Thursday, June 7, 2012

Makeovers Before and After {Antique Vanity} {Vintage Desk}

I was invited to put some of my painted furniture in the art boutique of The Chilled Canvas in Tuscumbia, Alabama. I was thrilled!! I've been looking for a reasonable space to bum floor space from and her building was perfect!

 I had some fabric left after I finished the chair, 
so I grabbed up this little ottoman I've had laying around.
It was the perfect fix for the old brown leather.

 Half way through this post I realized that I hadn't added my watermark to the pictures. I'm too exhausted to even care.

Here are a couple more shots from the day:
Flowers from our back yard :)

My sweet neighbor, Judy, offered for me to borrow her flowers for my picture staging. She knows me too well. I'm so blessed to have awesome neighbors who support Simply Salvaged's antics =)


 Thanks for reading!!!


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