Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Recap, Updates, & University Pickers

A lot of changes are coming in the next few months for Simply Salvaged.

I've been talking about finding a booth somewhere for a month or so now. I decided I needed to drive around and visit different malls, talk to the owners, figure out who has the best rent, etc... I figured I might start doing all of those things sometime after the beginning of the year after I catch up my custom work and the

holidays are over. Then about 2 weeks ago, Katherine contacted me after meeting a friend of mine at a yard sale who told her about Simply Salvaged. Katherine asked me stop by and tour the venue for their new store opening in January. 

Sometimes I hate when the Good Lord and I are on the same page.

So, after putting it off for about a week, and cancelling once, I finally made my way down to University Pickers to take a tour. Before I ever even pulled in the parking lot, I'd made my mind up that I would get a booth. I may be mistaken, but I had an idea that this may be God's way of providing a little direction as he always likes to do. Instead of letting me go on an endless search for a booth, he sent one to me.   
I'm so excited to be a part of this place- it's not your run of the mill Antique Store- in fact, it's not an antique store at all. Yes, antiques will be sold, but that's not what they are all about. They are about art, DIY, hand made, hand crafted- will be hosting painting parties & workshops of all sorts- and have hand picked talent from all over the Tennessee Valley I'm blessed to of been invited by Katherine and Paul to be a part of their store.

This is a bird's eye view of University Pickers and that little blue arrow is pointing to where you'll be able to find Simply Salvaged. As you can see, I chose the store front booth- All I could say for almost an hour after leaving was ''oh my gosh.....oh my gosh.....oh my gosh............................oh....... my........ gosh.'' Call me a drama queen but for someone who's never had a booth or been under a roof with so much amazing talent- I was a little intimidated. Plus, it's their STORE FRONT. That's a lot of pressure!! The idea finally settled and now I'm just really excited! I'll pretty much get to decorate a room (my booth) every week or so and decorating happens to be one of my most favorite hobbies! 

So, for the rest of the year I'll be finishing up custom work and searching frantically for things to fill my booth with. They are scheduled to open January 5th 2013- if you're in the area, be sure to check them out!

Also in January I will start teaching private workshops at my home in Athens- private workshops are no different than my regular workshops except they are limited to 2 people (you and a friend). January has been spoken for but February is still available!

I'm finished taking custom work for the year and now booking for January- with one custom order on the books already! With my obligations to University Pickers in mind, I've decided to cut my custom work back to 3, maybe 4, pieces per month starting in January, as well.

Now, on with October's FURNITURE FLIPPING...

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