Friday, December 21, 2012

Purdy Prep & Paint Kit Review

 Purdy sent me their Prep & Paint Kit just in time for our bathroom remodel. Once the joint compound was smooth, it was finally time to get some paint on the walls!

The brush in the Prep and Paint Kit is angled, which was perfect for cutting in around the window seal and other areas of the room. It also comes with a handy little 6 in 1 painters tool...

 The painter's tool should be in everyone's tool belt. Seriously. 
 It's got a scraper on one end and a hammerhead on the other. It's made from high carbon steel & has a lifetime guarantee. Can't beat that.

When cutting in, it's best to make sure you have plenty of paint on your brush, and use long, slow, brush strokes. Purdy brushes hold paint really well which is extremely helpful during projects like this.
 and as you're painting along, if you run across any chunks of left behind sheet rock mud, just scrape them off!

(sorry for the horrible picture)

I'm sure I haven't even discovered half of what the 6 in 1 painters tool could be used for but it's home is in my kitchen in the drawer with all of my paint brushes (yes.) and I keep going back to it... 
Last week, I used it in my bathroom remodel several times, last night I used it to chisel gum off of the bottom of an old church pew... yack!

It's like a flash light, every house should have one.
Get yours from Amazon by clicking HERE 

You'll have to be sure and check back soon for our bathroom REVEAL! 

Also, don't for get about Purdy's Save the Walls sweepstakes- it's not too late!!!
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This was a sponsored post brought to you by Purdy- all opinions are my own

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