Monday, May 21, 2012

Old Bookshelf {Before and After}

There's nothing like the satisfaction of giving someone a gift that you know will mean so much to them. Sometimes it's something as simple as a card- in this case is was a special family heirloom. 
My client, Amy, contacted me for a quote on this old bookshelf that belonged to her granddad. She never got to meet him, in fact, he passed away when Amy's mother was only 11 years old and this bookshelf is the only thing they have that belonged to him.

It truly was my pleasure to be a part of this experience behind the scenes. 
I painted it black then distressed to give it's age back.
Amy picked it up and gifted it to her mother for Mother's Day.
It was a total surprise! 
I wish I could of been a fly on the wall. 
Amy said she cried- I love tear jerking gifts =)

Here's the BEFORE


  1. What a great story! You did a great job restoring such a special piece!

  2. awwww... I'm such a sentimental sap! Great story! Lucky you to be a part of it all.