Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Haven Conference 2012 Recap

Wow! I have so much to say about the Haven Conference 2012.

1st I want to say what an amazing experience it was.
The ladies who organized it did a wonderful job- there was something for everyone & the speakers of each class were the best out there- they know their stuff =) I would suggest next year's Haven Conference to anyone.

John & Sherry of Young House Love  (they were a HUGE inspiration for our DIY Backyard Wedding)

Myself and six other girls I've known over the interwebs for about 6 months went in on 2 rooms together.
Going to a huge conference ''alone'' not formerly ''knowing'' anyone there was very intimidating for me- and very far out of my comfort zone. My hands were literally shaking when I checked into the hotel room. However, my intimidation was eliminated almost immediately after meeting my group. I know it's so cliche but it was like we'd know each other for years! Those ladies hold a very special place in my heart!

The very 1st class I took was Rashon of Mr. Goodwill Hunting's ''I Love Thrifting'' class.
It was literally one of the highlights of my Haven experience. I internet stalk that man.
He told me that I look like one of his friends and I was thinking ''I only look familiar because I blow up your Facebook all day''. His class was great- he's got a great personality and since of humor, as well.

Two of my most favorite bloggers- Mr. Goodwill Hunting & Miss Mustard Seed

I was also thrilled to take Marion of Miss Mustard Seed's class ''Advanced Painting'' and try out her new milk paint. She's made a great name for herself in this industry and gave some great tips on painting furniture =)

The VENDORS for the conference were extremely generous to us Haven Mavens!
Our swag bags were loaded down with goodies!!
I was super excited about the Purdy & Rust-Oleum booths because I am a lover (and very loyal buyer) of their products. As well as some other brand products that I'm super excited to try out. A few of the other vendors were Ryobi, Frog Tape, MinWax, and Bondo. I will be writing more post about the vendors and their products later =)

 Last but not least, on the last day of Haven classes we were invited to dinner by CeCe Caldwell.
I sat beside CeCe Caldwell at dinner!! She bought me salmon!!
If she were reading this, she would probably be rolling her eyes and laughing- she's such a humble person and it was a pleasure to meet her and a few of her distributors- I'm looking forward to trying her chalk paint!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. It was so great meeting you Audra! I never expected to see anyone there from my neck of the woods! I'm excited to see what you think about CeCe's chalk paint. Please do a review! Hope to see you again sometime soon!

    1. It was great to meet you as well! I was shocked that we all ended up at the same table lol I will be sure to write a review as soon as I try CeCe's paint =) Talk to you soon!

  2. I'm so jealous, wish I could have been there. We already had a scheduled family vacation and it was the only time all of us could get together. Oh well, maybe next year.

    1. Oh I would highly suggest going next year- it's a great experience!

  3. Hi Audra! I totally meant to find you at Haven! Without sounding like a major creeper, I'm pretty sure that we live decently close to each other. I live near Decatur. Anyway, I love all your furniture makeovers! Keep up the fabulous work!


    1. Well darn! I would of loved to meet you! and I totally wouldn't of thought you were a creeper! I actually surprised at how many people were there from our area...6 that I know of so far. Thank you so much!