Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fish Foam {Windows Cleaning}

I was given a bottle of Fish Foam in my swag bag at the Haven Conference this year. Since they were kind enough to send a representative of their company to deal with hundreds of us women, I decided I would give them a little of my time in return.

What is Fish Foam you ask?
It's an ammonia free foam cleaner- They promise a no drip, streak free, haze free finish for your windows, mirrors, and glass of all sorts.

Recently I painted the interior and exterior of a front door and sidelights for a loyal client and photographer. It was a perfect opportunity to put my Fish Foam to the test.

I sprayed it on, walked away to grab my camera, and when I came back, it was still in place just as they'd promised- no dripping onto my nice new paint and glaze =)

I was extremely satisfied with the results- it was a very clean, streak free finish as they promised and it even removed the paint I'd gotten on the windows with no added pressure or scraping. Love <3

Visit: fishfoam.com to get yours!

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