Thursday, October 25, 2012

Depression Era Buffet (Before & After)

I love painted depression era buffets. Love them.
I know a lot of folks are all like ''Omgee, how could you paint that''
Yea, I get that a lot.

One thing you'll learn if you stick around me is that I will paint almost anything.
I know I'm probably wrong

in the minds of appraisers but I do not feel that paint should necessarily decrease

the value of a piece of 

furniture. It can always be stripped and re stained to look exactly like it did before the paint went on. Paint does not change the bones, the age, or the quality, but, in my opinion, makes a piece of furniture much more pleasant to look at.

I paint.
and I love it.

So, I painted this buffet for a client and I was so excited about it!
I knew the details would look wonderful with a little glaze around them.

A few new pulls...

Light distressing...
...and a few coats of Ebony by Min Wax.

Here's a before:

This week I'm painting this Depression Era vanity. Stay tuned for afters!

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  1. I love all sideboards and just finished one very similar to this. We have taste alike, I have a vanity almost just like this one too. Lol Great job.

    Peggy @

  2. ooh it's beautiful! i love the new hardware, too!

  3. I just got an anonymous comment telling me how "disgusting" I was for painting an oak buffet! The wood was so bad on this piece that it couldn't be salvaged. I did it a favor. So. I think your buffet looks great, not disgusting! Besides, unless they are in absolute pristine condition, they really aren't worth that much. So, paint away!

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  5. I'm curious how much you paid for the buffet? I have inherited an almost identical piece with the table and 6 chairs and I'm being told(not by an appraiser) that it's worth $7000! It's in poor condition.