Saturday, January 19, 2013 Globe Lighting

When I was planning our wedding, I had this vision of creating a blanket of lights over our backyard where the reception was held.
So, I searched.. and searched.. and searched until I found the perfect lights, at the perfect length, and the perfect price.
I really don't think the reception would of been the same without them. They added an excellent amount of lighting and created a fun atmosphere.

 Two of those strings now drape over my booth at University Pickers adding the perfect amount of character to my booth.

Since hanging them in my space, I've had quite a few people ask where I found them- they got an answer similar to ''ummmm... I ordered them online... I think I found them at....ummmmmmmm, I don't know, I'm sorry!''

So, I decided to dig up the name of the company that I ordered them from

You can buy yours at 
HERE links directly to the lights I use but be sure to browse their site- they have tons of styles & colors. 

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