Monday, February 11, 2013

Depression Era Vanity

You hear me say "I'm so in love with this piece'' and ''I wish I never sold this one'' a lot on my blog. It's not because I admire my own work enough to flatter myself over and over. I mean, I do surprise myself sometimes but usually, I fall in love with these pieces before I ever buy or paint them.

I don't buy things that I don't like. I've heard ''..but you never know what someone ELSE will be looking for.'' and that is true. However, I want my business and my furniture to represent my style and what I love. So, I only buy piece that I would want in my own home.

This piece was no exception.

I don't usually shop on CL because it's so much hassle to find a good deal close to home on a piece that I love AND beat every other person to it. Not to mention pulling up to the unknown of a stranger's home (usually alone). However.., I've been desperate, lately, for some ''wow'' pieces and you know what they say about desperate times. So, Craigslist and I had a date and lucky me, I'm glad I gave him another chance.

I almost glazed or gilded with either copper or turquoise accents. I couldn't decide which product or color to use. So, I decided that I didn't have to decided and did neither =) and I'm glad I did...or didn't????
I like the simple distressing against black.


  1. Very Pretty. Sometimes less is more. Beautiful job, Dee from My Painted Stuff

  2. love this vanity! stunning! the pain and knobs are perfect!

  3. Wonderful! I've seen old pieces like this and wished I was brave enough to tackle it! You're giving me hope!