Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mid Century Modern Triple Dresser by Thomasville

I almost pee'd myself when I found this.
Ok, maybe just a really loud squeal and a happy dance.

I love mid century modern.
So when I found this vintage triple dresser by Thomasville I was so so very excited!

This is one of those pieces that I'm kicking myself for selling.

Gah, why do I have to sell everything? It's like I just can't help it. My Father in Law says I'd sell my soul if I could rough it up and put paint on it...

It couldn't be more perfect.

This piece has officially begun an obsession with mid century modern...
so, THIS is what I picked up this weekend..

I can't wait to get some paint on it!!

1 comment:

  1. It turned out just beautiful -
    My butt is black and blue because I've kicked myself in it far too often for selling something I loved LOL