Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beadboard and Built-ins- Master Bathroom Reveal

I guess it's past time for me to show you our master bathroom renovation at the Kensington house. As you can see, I didn't get too crazy with the decor and personal touches on this project. Other than a few small cosmetic updates, this was the last big project we finished before moving. In fact, this room was completely demo'd when our house went under contract. You can read the details of that here. Needless to say, we scrambled to get this room finished before the appraisal. My mother and father in law spent an entire weekend working with us to help us finish. Those two can work circles around Jamie and me. They are 2 very productive people and I was very happy to have their help.

We painted the walls in Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams which is the same color as our entry way. You can see a preview of that here

The bead board was added into the mix after I'd previewed a new build with my Real Estate team. There was a powder room with bead board from floor to ceiling on all four walls and painted navy blue. Omg! I had to have that in my bathroom that we were about to sell! I ran home and told my husband my wonderful new idea but he was not buying it. He's all like ''...floor to ceiling bed board?!?! that's cray!'' After some deliberation, we decided to do a floor to ceiling bead board accent wall.. because isn't marriage all about compromise?

I also completely fell in love with the Britwell vanity while perusing the isles of Lowe's. The matching Britwell mirrors were the icing on the cake!

This was our 3rd bathroom remodel and I'm happy to say it was the smoothest bathroom project, yet. I've always heard that it gets easier and easier with each project although, this one was not without it's hiccups... You may not know this about me, but I'm the tile girl in this relationship. My husband cuts the tile, I lay the tile and grout. I got a little carried away in our shower and we ended up having to pull 5 full tiles off of the shower wall the day after I put them up. So the thinset was nice and dry. Oh, and when I say ''we'' pulled them off, I mean my husband. So that was fun. Then, we brought home not one but TWO damaged sinks which was super frustrating but it could have been much worse. We didn't have any major disasters and I love the way the bathroom turned out so I guess we can count this room as a win.  

I also realize that the blinds I bought for this space are extremely too long. They were a complete after thought, ha! Imagine working your tail off on renovating a bathroom, only to finish and not being able to shower in it because you didn't get window treatments.. so that was a last minute trip to find blinds- I think I grabbed the first one that matched the width I needed and ran to the check out line!... but I got to bathe in my shiny new shower that night!

Our new 1949 house has two very small bathrooms so I am seriously missing this space. We can't even shower in one of our bathrooms because of the way the tub sits, it can only be used for baths. We also don't have a master bathroom. The fully functional bathroom is a 3/4 bath and only has a stand up shower. We have plans to change all of that but in the mean time, it's been quite an adjustment. It's like going from a bathroom at the Hilton to a Motel 6! We will get back to our ''Hilton'' days soon, haha!

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