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Thursday, May 31, 2012

French Furniture {Before and After}

I LOVE French furniture.
Love it.

So, when we picked up this bedroom set from my client, Lacey, I was super excited!!


Here's the before

Queen Anne and Greek Key Chair {Before and After}

This was a custom order Megan to go in her photography studio.
I found these 2 Queen Anne style chairs at a local store at an amazing price.
They were begging for my attention!! 
When I checked out with them, the lady at the counter told me how well the fabric would go in any room. Haha! I just agreed with her.

Here's the before

 I loved the Greek Key fabric that she chose 
and I loved the way they turned out!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Business Over Pleasure

Holy bageezus, I've been busy.
One of those desperately looking for an end in sight kind of busy.
...I don't see one until the Haven Conference!!!!!!! the week of June 18th.

I hope you all had a very happy Memorial Day weekend.
I did. But it was BUSY, too!

I had a stupendous trip to Nashville planned- to go to the flea market, of course. What else would one do in Nashville??
 Then, Saturday, as I was packing my bags, my sister called and invited me to go on a hot air balloon ride.
What?!? A hot air balloon ride?!?!?!

Uh oh.
Now I have to chose between the Nashville Flea Market 
 Can you guess what I chose?

The flea market. Duh.
So, my husband and I drove up to Nashville on Saturday,
ate dinner at Cafe Rakka- a Mediterranean restaurant I saw featured on Guy Fieri's show ''Diners, Drive In's, & Dives''

My husband and I can throw down on some food...
We ordered 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 4 drinks, & 2 zerts. 
It was delish.

Then, we met up with our friends Garreth and Joy on Broadway St...

 Sunday morning we headed to the flea market and found some good junk that I don't have pictures of yet. Then, we visited another flea market and found more junk that I also don't have pictures of.
OMGoodness, it was so hot! but I found a few great pieces for our inventory so our trip was a success.

Before we headed home, we took a ride though the Stones River National Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day, of course.

So, we're driving back, about an hour away from home, tired, burned, sticky, sore from walking- and my sister called...
 It wasn't too late for hot air balloons!!

 Oh you know I did.
With a load of furniture in the back and 2 wimpy passengers in the front, we went straight from Nashville to Decatur, Al to stand in line for 2 hours. Yep. My husband calls a weekend like that ''Adventures with Audra''

 Ok, so it wasn't like a ride across a grassy meadow or anything. It was hop in the basket, take pictures, go up 50ft, take more pictures, go back down, & hustle back out of the basket. However, it was a blast!!
I think that might of been God's way of rewarding me for being responsible and choosing ''business'' over pleasure... 
In the long run, I got my Nashville trip & my hot air balloon ride.

That concludes our jam packed full of fun weekend.

Now on to other news:
Since May 1st Simply Salvaged has booked a total of 28 pieces- we have been blessed! and busy! That means major furniture eye candy coming soon (starting with a French bedroom set I will be finishing up tomorrow!)

I am one of the newest vendors for The Chilled Canvas in Tuscumbia, Al. Starting in mid June I'll be putting some of my pieces in their boutique :)

The Haven Conference is only 3 weeks away!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Drum Table, Bookshelf, & Child's Chairs Makeover

I'm doing that thing where I start a sentence, delete it, repeat... over and over. I honestly don't even know where to begin with this post, there's so much!

So, tonight I'm going to let these 5 pieces do most of the talking.
This was one big custom order for Katie & her mother, Cyndi.

Cooper helping me stage my furniture :)
I love my boy.

Here are the before pics

That's some major furniture flipping!!
I loved all of the colors they chose :)
Thanks for reading!! 

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Embracing Change 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Old Bookshelf {Before and After}

There's nothing like the satisfaction of giving someone a gift that you know will mean so much to them. Sometimes it's something as simple as a card- in this case is was a special family heirloom. 
My client, Amy, contacted me for a quote on this old bookshelf that belonged to her granddad. She never got to meet him, in fact, he passed away when Amy's mother was only 11 years old and this bookshelf is the only thing they have that belonged to him.

It truly was my pleasure to be a part of this experience behind the scenes. 
I painted it black then distressed to give it's age back.
Amy picked it up and gifted it to her mother for Mother's Day.
It was a total surprise! 
I wish I could of been a fly on the wall. 
Amy said she cried- I love tear jerking gifts =)

Here's the BEFORE

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I found the table/desk for my Office Makeover Challenge.
(click the link to see my design board and room's before picture)

I was getting a little worried when I saw how much I have left in my budget and how many major pieces I still have to get. Then, today when I asked for the price on this table and heard TEN DOLLARS come out of her mouth. I had new hope that I can recreate an $8500.00 room for $300 (or less).

I obviously have some work to do... It didn't come with that fabulous price tag for no reason... BUT the bones are sturdy and solid- everything else is cosmetic.

My random junk picture consist of some super awesome frames, a few vintage books, a globe, and a copper kettle.

Before and After {Antique Bed} {Rope Bed}

This was a custom order for Jennifer and one of my favorite black projects to date. As you've probably heard me say before- I always have the hardest time with black. The lap marks, the brush strokes, even taking pictures. 
It drives. me. cray cray.

So, on this project I tried some different techniques and even a different product or two. I think it turned out beautifully.

Does that look smooth or what?
It IS smooth- and I'm proud :)

Here's the before

Thanks for reading!!
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