Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How To Clean & Polish Your Old Hardware

I found a super awesome antique door that had it's original glass knob attached. I almost did my usual quick clean (soap, water, & a quick scrub), and sprayed with oil rubbed bronze- but I decided to see what my knob looked like under years and years and years of people putting their dirty little paws all over it. I wish you could see how dirty these were before I cleaned them. They were all black and nasty and completely not brass looking at all.

So, I mixed up water & CLR in a big bowl and soaked everything for about 30 minutes. Then, gave them a quick scrub with a wire brush.

 This is how they looked when I pulled them out of the CLR/water mix.

Using CLR pretty much removed all of dirt and nasty but I wanted them to be really really polished and shiny so, I rubbed them down with some Brasso.

Now that old hardware shines like a star =)

 Get your Brasso by clicking the link below
Get your CLR by clicking the link below

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